How to be a media representative for your sports club


Whether it’s a University AU club competing in BUCS or a Saturday night 5-a-side team, here are my best tips on how to promote your club online.┬á

Prepare for the full day

Making sure you have a portable phone charger accessible is vital, particularly for those long and cold games. This way, you’ll be able to cover the whole game without having to find someone else’s phone or tablet to do it off!

Limit who has access to the social media accounts

Keep the circle small – it’ll be easier to keep an eye on what’s being put up, particularly if something ‘bad’ finds its way onto your page. As an example, don’t give Twitter access to someone who hasn’t been briefed on what is appropriate or someone with a rogue sense of humour.


University team? Make sure to use the right branding

One of the first errors I made was to use the wrong logo for my posters. Even worse, I edited it, both of which were outside of brand guidelines! Your team is representing your institution, so make sure you’re following their rules. If you aren’t sure, ask for help.

Practice consistency in weekly coverage.

Decide on how tweets and news posts will be structured or formatted. Setting yourself a plan for the season can help you further down the line when you’re in the thick of it. For example, plan to put out one team sheet graphic, to live tweet the game, and a post-match report for the website.

Don’t be afraid to interview players and coaches, it’s easy content!

You should already be completely integrated into the club, as a player or as their media representative, so chatting to players and coaches should be second nature. Record it on your phone as audio or as a video, and use it in your promotional work for the next game.

Innovate and move forwards without spreading yourself too thinly

Most clubs these days will have a Twitter and Facebook as standard, with many clubs opting to also have an instagram or Snapchat account too. Do your research and find out what your closest competitors are doing, be it teams in your league or those you aspire to be like.

Cover each match fully, don’t stop when they’re losing

One of my biggest pet peeves is when the team stops posting results or covering the match when they fall behind or lose. Suck up your pride and put aside your competitiveness, the fans who were unable to make the game are wanting to know the score!

See above – edited logo (shield, left) was against brand guidelines!

Unsure about a piece of content or need further support on a piece? Ask the chair or coach

At the end of the day, asking someone else’s advice could save your arse. If you’re thinking a poster might be too controversial, ask their opinion. Keeping in communication with your committee and coaches will improve your coverage.

Cant make posters? Find someone who can

Everyone is looking to gain experience at uni, and AU sport teams have a variety of degrees. If you’re unable to make posters, use photos from previous games to make your promotional posts more interesting!

Hopefully you’ll have found this blog useful and even incorporate these tips into your role as media representative for your club – good luck!

With thanks to Jonny Flowers for his edits


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